CyberSecurity Program & Project Management™


Urgency. Commitment. Passion.

Why Now

The number of cyber threats continues to grow at an increasing rate, as does their sophistication, breadth and depth of potential disruption and harm. Some estimate internet data breaches will cost business $8 trillion over the next 5 years. Pressure and visibility to address this by individuals, organizations, customers and regulators continues to heighten. The global spend on cybersecurity is expected to be $120 billion in 2017. Projections are for spending to grow 12-15% annually for the foreseeable future. This increase in spend will exacerbate the demand for experienced cybersecurity program and project managers. Vendor supplied managers can assist with engineering, but end to end project management is the client's responsibility.


Why Me

Carl Ascenzo has a 30+ year multi-faceted career in information technology including software development, project and operations management, and senior leadership. My involvement in cybersecurity initiatives has allowed me to leverage my prior experience and skills towards the successful implementation of numerous security projects. Most recently completed a GDPR remediation for a U.K. private equity firm and a data protection assessment & strategy for a pharma company. For a financial services firm managed the deployment of security technologies to 100,000+ endpoints and 20,000+ servers across 26 countries. Not only has this delivered great value to my clients, it has also provided me with a great sense of accomplishment and the determination to focus my services on deterring cybercrime and contributing to the safety of individuals, organizations and nations.