CyberSecurity Program & Project Management™


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Hiring you as a consultant was absolutely one of the best decisions I made as CISO. You continue to have a tremendous positive impact on the security organization and your ability to work effectively across organizations is truly amazing...
— CISO, Top Global Financial Institution


Industry Need

Highly skilled and effective cybersecurity program and project managers are in short supply to meet the demand needed to implement solutions and the shortage will deepen as that demand increases for the foreseeable future.

Cybersecurity continues as a force experiencing exponential growth in the number and sophistication of threats and the risks they pose to individuals, organizations and nations. A multitude of solutions abound with more being introduced all the time to assist in addressing threats before, during and after they occur. While standard program and project management principles and techniques apply, there are many unique requirements, aspects and risks associated with cybersecurity implementations that can only be gained through hands-on experience.

But more than project management skills and unique cybersecurity knowledge is needed. Highly successful initiatives require involvement beyond just the security organization. Often there is the need to engage with the broader enterprise - IT department, lines of business, audit, legal, HR, compliance and risk management. Being sensitive to the visibility and reporting to senior management, board of directors and regulators is often at play. Confidentiality is higher due to the potential access to proprietary infrastructure information.

Cybersecurity implementation managers must have deep experience and optimum mix of domain knowledge, project management and executive presence.